Senate blocks student loan relief

So walk me through this. The democrats get elected on the promise of forgiving student debt. They currently control the senate. So they pass a bill to block loan forgiveness?

When the Supreme Court inevitably blocks student loan forgiveness after great “thoughtful deliberation” I’m never voting again for either party. I caught the old bait and switch the first time they started talking about an issue that matters to me

I think those fools should live with the debt they totally didn’t have to take out.


Lol like people think you gotta take a 4 year vacation at a private resort to do what you can do in the library, that sounds smart.

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Which democrats were elected on the promise of forgiving student loan debt?


Among the Ds, Manchin and Tester voted “no”.

Bennet and Warner did not vote.

Unless you voted for one of them, you really can’t complain about “bait and switch”.

Oh you right. It’s 48v49 with 3 independents.

For a moment I thought the Ds were just like nah fuck our constituents

So let’s just go ahead and let doctors self study and self certify? How about civil engineers too?

None of my degrees felt a vacation. More like 80 hour weeks


Are employers going to start hiring kids without degrees? It’s not young people thinking they need to go to college for funsies, it’s them understanding they will never get hired into corporate America without one


So, 1 dem thats not in the senate.

My last 3 companies stopped requiring degrees for the majority of their entry level positions. Current company has hired several as well and started a much better training program at the same time.

They don’t have to pay them as much at first. Then pay them more when they produce. Dump the ones that don’t. Like the NFL draft.

I do wonder how this was even allowed to come to a vote on the senate floor.
Was this yhe big “win” that McCarthy got?
That the senate had to vote on a DOA bill?

Most senators didn’t want the US to default on its debt.

You can get trained on the job imo. And actually the requirements are kind of ridiculous in the US. In other countries it’s just a bachelors of medicine.

My mistake as this messaging has been confusing

Your “no” means they voted for the resolution?


Rs also had Sinema

Isn’t Biden planning on vetoing this anyway?

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This was separate from the debt deal. It was done under the congressional review act which first went through the House with ~2 Dems voting Aye, then the Senate had to vote on it with a majority threshold not subject to filibuster. Since it’s Biden’s policy, he’ll veto it and the votes are symbolic, but this is a way to roll back a lame duck policy if there’s a new congress and president.

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Thank you for the detail.

I saw a bunch of contradictory stuff when i tried to find details.