Anyone else playing this one?

I’ve played 11 times, solved 3. I get impatient and give up after a while.

Last night I got it in 9 which is crazy low, at least for me.


The word was alcohol and one of the higher clues was “homosexually”. That was a huge red herring for the final answer to me, I started going for stuff like “bigotry”.

Not for me

this was really hard. might try again tomorrow but only if i have a lot of time to kill. have to get my queen bee too

I like to try it because it’s more of a challenge than the Wordle games.

Solved on guess 96, but had a top 10 guess at 48. I’ll take it for a first try at the game.

I played it for 4 or 5 days. It’s not for me. Too abstract, too hard. I like the idea in theory, but find myself hating it as I’m doing it. I think it just does not fit with my skill set. I got between 80 and 150 each time I played.

Yes - more often than not, I get frustrated and give up.

68 today.

I was about to give up. 53 guesses and I was only at 224/1000.

54th guess got it. :woman_shrugging:

Got it on #4 today.

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That’s awesome! 9 is still my record. Got 14 last night.

Anyone still playing? I got it in 20 tonight!

just did 51, first time playing, not sure if still same game you played

I think so as it’s a daily game like Wordle

know that, wasn’t sure when the day changed

Oh. I’m on central time and mine changes at 7pm

good, doing it at 3 am wasnt the best move

not sure how Pill, Pills, Aspirin are all closer than Medicine

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