Seeking input on making the site better

Serena and I are seeking input on how to make the site better.

Throw out some ideas on how we can improve things around here. Functionality, content, etc.

Two seed ideas or related concepts:

  1. monthly podcasts? We could live interview people in the actuarial community say once a month, take questions, that kind of thing. We could do some video editing and put them out on a youtube channel or something. Maybe interesting? Maybe worth CE credits?

  2. advertising on the site. We are considering (strongly) running google ads here to generate at least a minimal amount of revenue. Serena and I seed funded some money into the site but that well’s pumped dry for now. So…advertising. Probably google, since the job postings aren’t exactly bringing in any revenue and it’s probably not worth the amount of time it’d take to start shaking the trees for related advertisers directly (these days, advertisers can directly target a website anyway, right through Google - which is what most would do anyway).

The first thing that popped into my head was “I wonder if that would qualify for CE credits?”


Advertising on the internet is ubiquitous. It would be understandable to see it here.

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Agreed with no issue with advertising, but you need to really be good with monitoring the ads google feeds to your site or it’ll get pretty awful pretty fast.

I have no problem with ads

This was asked around the time of the migration: how much monthly revenue are you looking to generate and would you be willing to try an optional donation to fund it?

Obviously if it won’t bring in enough or if managing the process is too cumbersome, then no worries about ads, but it would be nice to know the why behind the decision.

We did the donation thing back on the old AO. Some of the long time members donated (some of them are still here) but overall it wasn’t enough, or enough to be worth bothering people.

Ads aside, we’re curious if there’s anything around here we could be doing better?

Thoughts on say monthly podcasts? It’s not clear to me what we would need to do to make these qualify for CE. I suspect as long as we follow a defined format and material, that then actuaries can self declare the podcast as qualifying? Or is there a certification process?

As I recall, it’s up to the CE-earning-actuary to make the decision as to whether something qualifies as valid CE.

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Could sell to DW Simpson…