Secret Service catches COVID

Might be more political of a topic, but isn’t the Secret Service supposed to protect the President (and others) from harm? If so, AND the Secret Service was doing their job, did they not think/believe holding rallies and not wearing a mask and having large indoor gatherings were hazardous to the POTUS, and old fat guy?
Or, were they merely “following orders” of an idiot?
Or, did they rather the President actually die of COVID, ridding themselves of the ignominy of their duty?

History will want to know.

:confused: the secret service doesn’t tell the president what to do. they just have to do their job regardless. they are basically victims in this just doing their job.

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What ao fan said. The secret service may tell the president, “wait! don’t walk down that street until we clear it”. But they don’t make policy. They don’t dictate what events the president can attend. That would be a dangerous over-extension of their role.

I fail to see the difference between your example and a rally.

With a normal sane person as President, one who listens to experts on the subject of their field of expertise, it wouldn’t be a problem.
Now, we have 130 SS agents infected with COVID. For some reason.

Huh? The secret service can’t keep a president from going to a rally, either?

i’m not sure what DTNF’s point is.

Evidently Secret Service agents are required to wear masks, but many on the President’s detail don’t. The question would be, why not? (It would also be interesting to see how the USSS cases split between mask-wearers and non-mask-wearers, though self-reporting of that would probably be unreliable.)

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The Secret Service protects their charge from physical harm, not stupidity.

And they will also do what is necessary to carry out that charge. If the President has public exposure and not wearing a mask, I’ll guarantee you that his entourage will not be wearing masks. Doing otherwise only makes it easier to single out the President by a long-range sniper.

Right… How could a sniper possibly pick out the fat orange septuagenarian who walks around like his arms have fallen asleep from his SS detail?