Secret Putin/Trump/etc Interest Thread (Fall 2022)

I thought to set up and run a game as the Summer winds down. Thinking of starting sometime in late Aug as I’m going to be on vacation over the next couple of weeks.

Ideas for themes are welcomed; but will default to Putin-themed game.

Confirmed playas:

  1. kd,
  2. BrutusFarce
  3. HerMountainMajesty
  4. ArthurianLegend–dairy
  5. YankingTrippster
  6. YoreNactuarial
  7. uos
  8. NairdAlertz

List of potentials:

  1. J0EBL0W (might mod)


  1. Dead_Man_Walking
  2. Dr_Whom

I’d like to play!

I’m interested and likely in depending on dates

I’m unavailable last week of August but if it gets delayed I can play then.

I’d be interested as long as it’s in Aug/early Sep

Not sure how available I will be as a player, but I might be able to moderate/host/whatever. I just need to practice my spoiler game a bit to make sure I am ready.

I’m likely available

I’ll always be down to play. I’d also be happy to moderate one of these days.


Let’s give this another day and then I’ll get things set up and launch on Wednesday 8/31.



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I’m in

I’m out

well I’m traveling for work 8/31. Back the next day

I’m still in. 9/1 start works better for me, but I can probably make 8/31 work. I just won’t be too active.

Still in

Bring on the seditionists

I’ll send out roles the afternoon of 8/31 with expected play to start 9/1.



Note that S.Morgenstern will be the ID running the actual game.

I can be in