Secret Putin (On the Ritz) Interest Thread

I thinks that year-end has finally settled down?

Let’s get a game going; perhaps starting early next week (week of 5/9).

I think if we get more than 10 interested, @A_Student and I will co-moderate (should help keep things moving).

Otherwise, A_Student will moderate if we have an odd number while I’ll moderate with an even number signed up to play.

Past players to alert:

  1. @NerdAlert
  2. @MayanActuary
  3. @Mountainhawk
  4. @Kenny
  5. @BruteForce
  6. @J0EBL0W
  7. @soyleche
  8. @John.S.Mill
  9. @Doctor_Who

Players signed up shofar:

  1. @ArthurItas
  2. @YankeeTripper
  3. @IPD
  4. J0EBL0W
  5. John.S.Mill
  6. @Kenny
  7. S.Morgenstern


  • BruteForce
  • NerdAlert
  • Doctor_Who

Additional players that might have an interest:

  1. @NumericalNeuroticism
  2. @AbstractActuary
  3. @Actuary321
  4. @greenman
  5. @Tiffany
  6. @Snake
  7. @UltimateAnyone

I’m going to skip this round because of work+exam, but next time for sure!

I’ll put you down as a definite maybe, then.

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I’m down to participate.

I’d also be willing to moderate one of these in the future if the moderators wanted to play.

oh no it’s commitment time again…

Can you point me to a thread that has the rules? The only game I think I’ve played is RPS.

Thanks @Vorian_Atreides

Just click on one of the tags for this thread (#Secret-Hitler, #Secret-Trump) and you’ll see a listing of other threads with that same tag.

One with “Hitler” as theme:

One with “Trump” as theme (which I plan on using as basis, just substitute Putin/Oligarch/Communist/Democratic terminology accordingly; I think the executive powers should still work unchanged):

So . . . Kenny’s glad that BF is heckling this time around . . . but unwilling to commit himself . . . to the asylum

Clearly we make VA horny

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mmmmm Ritz crackers

I have to sit this one out, with other obligations going on in the near term.

Put me on the definitely maybe list. Things are looking like they’ll slow down by next week so I may have time. I should know more by the end of the week so please DM me if I haven’t commented before you pick roles. Although I just remembered I probably won’t be available at all on Friday, assuming it makes it that long.

I’m thinking of starting sometime next week. I have my son’s HS prom and my daughter’s college graduation going on this weekend; so the soonest I would be able to pull things together would be Sunday evening–but it’d be more like Monday sometime when it all happens.

I think with 5 on the list now (I’m counting AS/myself as one player until the list actually gets above 10), we should be able to make a call on Friday (if not before). So we’ll DM you if there’s still a spot unfilled.

Understandable. Can we put down to Heckle the Heck out of the players?

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I’ll play if it happens this month. Next month is pride month and she’s gonna be busy :party: :partying_face:

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Sorry, at best I can be a third rate heckler. Appreciate the invite though :thumbup:

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List updated . . . @A_Student what’d’ya say we call it at Noon this Friday and get the game rolling sometime on Monday ?