Secret Harkonnen Interest Thread

Officially getting this game set up.

This one will be Dune-themed using the Harkonnens (the bad guys in the movie/first book) with the following proposed mappings:

President → Emporer
Chancellor → Arrakis Governor
Fascists → Saudarkar
Hitler → The Baron (the floating fat man)
Liberal Policies → Fremen Policies
Fascist Policies → Landsraad Policies

Current list of players:

  1. @BruteForce
  2. @ArthurItas
  3. @YankeeTripper
  4. J0EBL0W
  5. A_Student

Richese Hecklers:

  1. colonelsmoothie
  2. NerdAlert
  3. Doctor_Whom
  4. IPD
  5. Kenny

A loss in this game will really Sting


I guess you can say I’m Arrakis.

The spice must flow!

We’ll see if there’s more interest by Friday and start sometime next week.

I’ll try to look up past participants and get them notified sometime tomorrow.

Call #1:

Call #2:

@colonelsmoothie: I assumed that your posting in the thread indicates an interest in playing the game.

Please let know if that’s not the case.

I dunno about this time.

I know nothing about Dune and frankly doesn’t want expend much energy to learn about all the terms.

I also know nothing about Dune. I figured that wasn’t a requirement to play.


Neg I was only trying to get an RN

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Agree Dune knowledge isn’t necessary, or even helpful beyond understanding some of the smack talk/banter of players that do.

I am unlikely to have time at this point. I will reevaluate (how much work I want to push off) right before you start assigning roles if you remind me.

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Most likely getting this started early next week.

I’ll try to ping you Sunday or Monday via DM to check in with you.

it’s not, but it’s less to get lost in references

It it helps you can pretend you’re Zendaya or Timothy Chalamet.

which one is more butch

Sorry, no time to play. This mechanic will lead to some interesting conversations as F and L policies are reversed.

I can always make time for one of these.