Is there a way to add a button at the bottom of a thread where you can jump back to the top. Or maybe even jump to a post number? Or is it there and I have missed it?

click on the “thread title” and you’ll jump back to the top of the thread.

The scroll bar (beside the thread itself, not the browser scroll bar for the window you’re viewing) will show you the “post number / total posts” information as you movie it up and down. This scroll bar is basically right under the wrench at the top of your view on the thread.


When I’m on mobile there’s a box at the bottom showing you are post X out of the total number of posts. Clicking on that lets me jump around.

The scroll bar on the side of the page lets you move around quickly too (like VA said)

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FTR, I only view GoA from a computer, not on any mobile device.

Those are the tips I needed. Thanks!

Note that the thread scroll bar will also show a date as well as the post # / total posts.

how do u unsubscribe quickly without having to scroll all the way to the bottom (mobile version)?

On mobile when I click on the box at the bottom of the screen showing the number of post I’m on, there’s a little bell icon. You can click that to change notifications for that thread.

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