Screen protectors for cell phones

I finally bought a new cell phone. I got a Pixel 5. Yes, I paid extra to get the small one. And I love the size. (A tad smaller would be even nicer.)

Should I get a screen protector? I’ve been using screen protectors for several years. Hmm, I guess once it saved my bacon – I dropped the phone on cobblestones, the screen shattered, but the screen protector meant it all help together, and I could continue using it until I got it replaced. So I guess I ought to. But is the new glass good enough that I don’t need that? Would I have done just as well using the shattered screen directly until I replaced it?

If I get one, there are two major options. Glass and TPU plastic. I’ve been using TPU plastic protectors for the past several phones, and they work fine. Maybe glass feels nicer? I’d probably get TPU from Skinomi, because that’s who I bought my last few from, and they have been good.

There are a ton of options in tempered glass, and I don’t know that field at all. Any comments?

Or, I could just go naked.

No, I won’t be buying a case. I used to, a decade ago, and usually took the case off because it’s bulky. I haven’t for more than a decade, and have never regretted that decision, even when I’ve dropped the phone.

I would definitely get a screen protector. It’s pretty easy to accumulate scratches if you toss it in a purse regularly, or ever have anything else in your pocket.

I like TPU screen protectors, but they seem to be out of favor and harder to find.

skinomi has one for this phone. I’ve been happy with them.

Should make a poll . . .

But +1 on screen protectors. More from the stand-point of eliminating scratches (which increase the chance of breakage) on the main screen.

I like the Otterbox cases. They don’t seem bulky to me. I also like the glass screen protectors, but I never know if any of this stuff actually helps :man_shrugging:

I also used to thing a pop socket thing on the back would make it too bulky. Then I tried one of my wife’s old ones, and now I have to have one on there. I use it pretty much every time I pick up my phone.

As I pointed out in my prior post, the “protector” is the thing that gets scratched up rather than the actual screen.

Scratches are the thing that make the screen easier to crack from simple, low-distance drops. (Think: getting a “chip” in your windshield.)

Zero chance I’m buying a case. I am always looking for smaller phones, and this one is already a bit larger than my ideal.

I was thinking I’d get a screen protector. But the glass feels so much nicer than my old phone, with the TPU. I just enjoy the way my finger glides over the keyboard. (I swype, so I’m constantly dragging my finger around.)

Leaning towards nothing at this point, but might get glass.

I have glass on my pixel3a.

I’ve replaced it once, with cracks in the protector, but no damage to my phone, I’m about to replace it a second time since the edge is cracked (it’s actually missing a corner because I picked at it), but no damage to the phone.

The nice thing is that it came in a package of 3, so I haven’t had to re-order each time, but I will need to the next time I have to replace, unless I’ve upgraded by then.

I don’t have a case on my phone. When I did, I would lose my phone more, because it became all black, instead of black front, purplish back. I leave my phone face down a lot, so it stands out and I don’t forget it when I go somewhere (it’s also less distracting that way). When it’s black, it seems to blend in to everything.

What brand? Does it feel nice to touch?

I always get a screen protector, and I always get a case, mainly because I’m a klutz. And I always own my phones for five years, to the consternation of friends and family who replace their phones every two years.
I need thinner (width, not depth) phones in order to fit into man pockets, as well as into the cup holder in my car.

I thought that men’s pockets were typically quite a bit bigger than women’s. The pockets in the pants I wear are quite big, at least.

That’s why you see so many women varying their phones in their back pockets - they don’t fit in the front.

I may be wrong though.

Well, my jeans are pretty tight, 'cause women.
And the sweats and gym shorts I wear (these COVID days) have smaller pockets where the phone can slip out. (I need cargo shorts.)
I don’t use my back pockets for phones, 'cause I’ll sit on it, and that’s a lot of weight.
Colder weather makes phone carrying a lot simpler, zippable jacket pockets. I’ll actually check the pocket with my phone to make sure it will fit. And, again, it’s not one of those big phones. Samsung Galaxy J3, according to itself.

I used to always get tempered glass screen protectors, but with newer phones I’ve noticed the phone glass is better quality and I don’t need them anymore; they don’t scratch. So I haven’t had one in a couple years now and no issues.

I do drop my phone a lot, so I use a case for shock absorption and that probably protects the screen a bit since the front of the case extends beyond the screen, but the screen itself is not covered.

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This one :link: Zero difference in feel between the protector and the phone’s screen glass, imo. I don’t tap to text, I swype, and I haven’t noticed any issues.

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Thanks, that’s very helpful.