School Choice

This, though in a way it’s an irrational comparison. A teacher’s job is to do the work of 30 parents. Of course it’s easier for 30 parents to do a better job than 1 teacher.

The only way you could really match the power of a SAHM would be to have a student teacher ratio of 1-2.

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Not necessarily, if it’s based on improvement, and helping others improve. But that seems like something that would be nearly impossible to measure fairly and accurately.

Our poor seem to be doing pretty good on a world scale. Poverty is relative always, but comparing the poor today to the poor of the past or the poor in other countries says this is a pretty good place and time to be poor.

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The community you describe sounds like it would be ripe for a big push for affordable housing. Has that happened?

I’m just curious, not trying to be difficult.

I’ve done both. I think the bar for an actuarial certification is higher.

IIRC, you graduated from Harvard. I’m willing to believe that any Harvard grad intending to teach HS math has the ability to get an actuarial certification.

I graduated from a much less selective college. I think I had plenty of classmates who couldn’t clear the bar for actuary.


The bar to teach in public school is not insignificant. There’s a lot of course work (that you need to pay for). And i think some under qualified people are accepted because they can’t fill the ranks with people who would actually be good teachers. Because the pay is too low.

There are lots of other “numbers” jobs that pay better than teaching. My high school algebra teacher did taxes in her spare time to make ends meet.

Do you have some data to back up this claim? The link (below) which I posted earlier seems to indicate the opposite.
The Data Show That Socialism Works ❧ Current Affairs

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Yeah, but that article used “data” as plural!! How can I trust some elitist snob article like that???

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Ok Karl. What time should I meet in the town square for the uprising??? I’ve got my pitchfork ready to go.

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Many states increased their socialism without violent upheaval. :wink: Or at least, without a lot of it.

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Quite reasonable. There was a 4story apartment complex in the district. It drew a lot of criticism, since the tax revenue per pupil was smaller. Some folks got their knickers in a twist over that. For my part, I was delighted with the addition of students who didn’t go to Switzerland over winter break. But some folks are very worried about other folks getting free rides. (Those are the peeps that, when you go out to dinner, want to use a calculator to split the check. Cuz they split a single dessert, ya know)

And now people are leaving those states. See OP.

Meh. It’s mostly racists wanting to live somewhere whiter.


Heard on NPR without irony the other day “I wanted to live somewhere people looked like me and shared my culture”.

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I read a similar sentiment in “How to Be An Antiracist” by Kendi. It ironically includes some black racism. :confused:

Would you expect anyone to say that with irony? Not that it strikes me as a good way to like but there are those who want that, at least on a neighborhood level. You couldn’t want to live in the US if you wanted the whole country to look like you and share your culture.

no they’re not.

People are leaving Norway, Finland, and Belgium? News to me. I know they have fewer kids than some other places, but do they actually have net out migration?

For that matter, does California? Or do Californians just have fewer kids?

The “top 5 socialist countries” have populations of $11m or less. And they are also WAY heavier dominated by one race than the U.S. (I do not count hispanic as white). I do not believe these countries chose to become more socialist in order to “fix” problems. There also are exists a stronger sense of community, partly due to size. France and Germany are 2 of the larger countries that are “successful” on the socialist spectrum, and they are also 85% white with Germany’s shit record for other races.

I would live in a more socialist smaller country that has a larger sense of community. The U.S., and the demographics within, is not positioned for more socialism to be salvation.

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