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I literally had an orchi 18 months before my GCS because the peeing was so constant for me. Like I was waking up 2-3 times a night every night, and I couldn’t bear to think about living like that for another 2 years or so.

I imagine that works pretty well too reduce the testosterone floating around in your system.

I was building out a conference at Uwaterloo (home to a lot of actsci folks) just prior to covid. When I asked about non-gender specific washrooms at the conference center, I got directions to some other building halfway across campus.

They’re now rebranding some of the washrooms as non-gender specific; supposed to be one in every building. So now folks won’t have to run halfway across campus to take a leak. So, that’s good.

Google labels its restrooms as unisex or gender-specific. (They may not use those words, i forget) but they had a room of unisex restrooms on every floor. Instead of the standard American stalls that leave gaps all over the place, they have European-style stalls that provide good visual privacy. So you only see that both men and women are using the facility at the sinks.

(I didn’t check out their gender-specific rest rooms when i visited. I only had to use the toilet once. My best guess is they are identical except for the sign in the door.)

I rewatched the Matrix again last weekend, shortly after reading an interview with Lilly Wachowski about the ways in which it was intended as a trans allegory. For those of you less obsessed with the Wachowskis, Lana is slightly older and transitioned first, although it isn’t clear when she started her transition. Both sisters have tried to keep their personal lives private, and have indicated that Lilly hadn’t yet realized she was trans when they wrote the movie but both have avoided that same question about Lana. Apparently in the first draft, Switch was a woman in the matrix and a man in the real world, or vice-versa (I don’t remember which). They thought that might be a bit too on the nose for the studio and backed off of it in the 2nd draft.

So much of the movie hits differently now. The way Keanu Reeves responds every time Agent Smith deadnames him is subtle but really well done. Morpheus’s speech before introducing the pills, talking about how you always felt that there was something wrong with the world made me cry.

One of my plans for the weekend is to rewatch the sequels, and then watch a 90+ minute video made by 2 trans women defending the sequels and talking about what the movies mean to them.

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My boobs hurt. I know this is a good thing, but not enjoying the sensation right now.