Sad thoughts

Dad will have no legal rights to communicate with his kids after PC, and we would have no obligation to allow it. We would, as long as it was not putting FS in any danger or causing harm. Dad is a bit of a misogynist and just a jerk in general (he encouraged FS to find the boy FS’s sister kissed and beat him up, to defend her honor), but overall not enough of a bad guy for us to cut off contact. Cell phones make contact a lot easier now anyway.

We celebrate Christmas on the 24th already, so letting dad get him on Christmas would a nice and easy concession. If dad could find transportation to a specific place, yeah, we would definitely let him keep a schedule of seeing him, in public or supervised spaces. We aren’t looking to make this kid’s life even worse. It’s certainly tough though.

As for telling him about what’s going on, his dad has always been very transparent about things like that, sometimes even to a fault. So my guess is that dad will be telling him at tonight’s visit. If not, we will be letting him know Monday as a care team.

And as always, nothing is certain. Dad may convince them to delay the hearing by making progress in the next two weeks…who knows. But if it gets delayed, it can only be delayed until April and then they MUST file for PC, the law won’t allow them to continue to extend.


Well I hope that whatever is best for FS is what ends up happening with no undue delays. Sounds like that’s probably adoption, but either way.

Keep us posted. :people_hugging:


A friend of ours had a stroke about 2 months ago. She’s in a rehab hospital now, but still mostly paralyzed on the left side. Fortunately, she still has most of her faculties and could keep a conversation with us.


My mom’s BFF (they sat next to each other in kindergarten in 1952 and have been besties ever since) is going into a home due to her dementia. It’s now more than her husband can manage. :cry:

Could just as easily be my mom, but thankfully my mom is doing really well.