RIP Thread: Sports edition

Don Gullet 73

Best know as part of the big Red machine pitching staff. Signed a big FA contract with the Yankees and was instrumental in their 1977 WS win but arm injuries shortened his career.

on a great hitting team, he was the best of the mediocre pitching staff, hence Captain Hook

RIP Lefty Driesell

RIP Golden Richards, fast, decent reciever but best known for his flowing locks and good looks. A favorite of Phyllis George

RIP Jayo Archer - first to do a triple backward somersault in competition. Pretty cool celebration once he did it -

Jean-Guy Talbot, age 91.

Defenceman for Les Habs back in the good old days when Montreal and Toronto won most of the Stanley Cups.

Although he was on 7 Stanley Cup winners, Talbot probably is best known for effectively ending the playing career of a promising young hockey player via a terrible blow to his head. That hockey player went on to become the NHL’s greatest coach (Scotty Bowman).

Stacy Wakefield died, just about 5 months since her husband Tim passed. That’s particularly brutal for their children

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two cancer deaths only months apart, both in mid 50s. awful

makes you wonder if there is a commonality, like their home

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Sitting atop an ancient Indian burial ground.
Or former toxic waste dump.
Could be the water source.
Radon is a silent killer.
Genetics play a role, as some folks will be more sensitive to environmental effects.

Many such possibilities

Hope the kids are okay

Vontae Davis 35 who retired at half time in 2018, found dead. No foul play expected. Speculating but I’m guessing we’ll find out eventually CTE played a part.

something missing after “half time”.

I think he retired at half time of a game. It was a pretty big deal at the the time. I think it was discussed here .


Yeah it was odd. He just walked out at half time of I believe the Bills-Chargers game which was the only game he played for the Bills IIRC. Guess he was having more problems than any of us knew at the time. I think there is mention of the incident in the link I posted with a link to a more detailed discussion about what happened.

I think he later apologized to to team mates and the organization but said he just realized he didn’t belong on an NFL field any more or something to that effect. To see him dead just 6 years later is very sad.

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Pat Zachery, MLB Pitcher, Rookie of the year and part of the most heartbreaking trade of my fandom

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Jerry Grote - childhood favorite.

great defensive catcher - Johnnie Bench once said, if Grote was on the Reds, I would be playing 3rd

Good enough to start for a dozen years, and be in 2 All Star games, despite a .250 average and no power or speed

Back before power took over, that was all that was needed out of a catcher.

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Short stop too

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