Reserving Software

We are looking at simplifying/speeding up our reserving processes. We might develop some internal stuff, but I also want to look at the reserving software out there. We did this a few years ago and I landed on Arius as the best fit but management wouldn’t pull the trigger, and it’s been 7 years or so. What are people using? What do you like about it? How does it do stochastic reserving stuff?


For stochastic stuff…probably easier/faster to do in R or Python. I believe there are plenty of R packages for stochastic reserving.

For normal stuff, ResQ was what my company used.

Keep in mind that ResQ and Arius are developed by consulting firms, so software is not really their priority.

I know a company where software is a priority -AND- it has an actuarial reserving tool that is better than ResQ.

Yep, it’s SAS.


I’m going to caveat that with telling you not to try and find it online. We like to hide our best stuff so customers can’t find it.

Wait, do you work for SAS? You make it sound like that.

Well I am very SASsy.


The odds of me being able to get us back into SAS are low, but thanks for the info — I wouldn’t have thought of them.

Go onnnn…

My demos are 25 cents a minute for the first 60 minutes and 50 cents for each additional minute.

I kid, I kid - I’m basically free labor.

For anyone interested, an undisclosed client asked for an actuarial reserving platform with all the bells and whistles, so a very talented actuary/architect put together a tool that does all the things (and also prepares cashflows for the corresponding SAS Solution for IFRS 17). It’s pretty slick.