Record player?

I know we have a few audiophile here so was hoping y’all have some ideas. I am looking for a record player as a gift. It can, but does not have, to do other things (e.g. cd player/audio jack/combo type). This doesn’t need to be super fancy (hence it can be some sort of combo) but would also entertain something on the nicer side. This is basically a replacement for my daughter. Her last record player was some sort of record player/CD/+ combo we probably bought from Target and gave her in high school 5-6 years ago). Most features on that still work but the record player has stopped so we are looking at a replacement. My preference is <$200 but literally have no idea on a reasonable price.

I’m an audiophile but not super into vinyl. The two budget turntables that pop up a lot as being recommended are the U Turn and the Audiotechnica LP60. Honestly, for most people either is absolutely fine, I think the U Turn is more stylish if that matters to her.

Either can be had for $200… maybe over $200 with tax included.

Do you want the record player not to ruin yout LP’s and 45 singles?

Asking for a friend.

lol I think the short answer is yes. I have no idea what her current budget turntable has done to her records at this point but I am trying to at least move up the ladder some. She continues to be a struggling (financially) young adult so I don’t think she’ll be buying anything herself in the near future. Am I on the low end for a decent turntable,

I suggest paying a bit on the high side for a good quality record player that she will treat well and have for many years (but that is my advice for almost everything I buy). The record player and all the other components I bought in the 1970’s still work perfectly.

For giving more life to your discs, the arm should not rely on someone’s deft touch. Should drop slowly.

And for playing several discs in a row, you’ll want a long pole.

For more money, Music Hall is worth a look. That was what I had for years when I did vinyl and it’s a solid performer.