(Really) Bad Movies

Lately I’ve been watching (really) bad movies during work. Lately I’ve dulled my intellect with:

Ninja Cop
Microwave Massacre
Super Vixens
Manos: the Hands of Fate

So what pieces of cinematic trash have you seen (lately or ever)?

Good news: many of these movies have lots of boobies.
Bad news: the boobies are the best part.

Jaws 4: I walked out when the shark started following the family moving from Florida to New England. :frowning:

Blue Summer starring Davey Jones of Monkees fame from 1973 available on Amazon.
Incoming Freshmen, only 3 actors even have head shots on IMDB, watch on Tubi.

The Bee Movie.

First scene: bees - who, I’m not a biologist much less an expert on insects, but I have seen in person and feel like I’m familiar with their typical mode of transportation - take a car to go somewhere.

It goes downhill from there.


Yes, it did have bewbs.

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The MST3000 version?

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Avatar: The Last Airbender (Shymalan live-action)

Take one of the most beloved animes of all time about element benders wielding vast primordial powers…

Reduce it to 12 guys doing a dance to make a small rock fly.

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Prize goes to two John Travolta movies…

Battlefield Earth

These two are basically unwatchable.


That movie was so terrible.

I see someone has made a live-action series recently, but I see no reason to watch it. The cartoon was practically perfect. Nobody’s going to improve on that.

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My kids are split as to whether or not the live action version is worthwhile. The pro-argument is that it is a lot like the cartoon, the con-angle is that it is just the cartoon with a bunch of stuff cut out, and quite frankly doesn’t always look as good. I’m going to skip it.

Ugh. Battlefield Earth is unwatchable. Such a shame between actors and the possible story line, it couldn’ve been a classic.

I’m just here to make sure none of my favorite movies have made the lists. I’m surprised to see they haven’t.

My husband’s list:

There will be blood
The producers
The lesbian movie with Julianne Moore (can’t remember the name)
Any transformer movies

I saw that one, but I recently watched it sans commentary. makes it even worse. lol


Watching this now…

Mods, I think this should be moved to the “entertainment” forum. Thanks.

It’s not on Tubi. Watching “The First Turn-On”

One of the characters is credited as “Tube top girl”. :popcorn:

Are you watching with the sound on or off??

The awfulness of “Rebel Moon” was brought up recently…it was among a group I would describe as Star Wars nerds. The online reviews were brutal and provided some good entertainment.