Rare STAM Topics

I am planning to take STAM in February and will not have as much time as I’d like for studying because of work. Therefore, I’m wondering if there’s any STAM veterans out there that can provide opinions on which topics they believe are rare and unlikely to show up on the exam. Additionally, if there’s any sections that are very complex and difficult that might be worth skipping in order to focus on other areas, please let me know!

So far, my list would include:

  • Aggregate Loss Models – recursive formula

  • Likelihood ratio algorithm and penalized loglikelihood tests

  • Graphical comparison hypothesis tests – D(x) and p-p plots

Thanks in advance for any advice provided!

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I’m considering taking stam in February. i don’t intend to skip over less common topics (I’ll need every point I can get) but the recursive formula? We’re supposed to memorize that? Jeez louise. if I thought about it, I’d have assumed that we wouldn’t need to have that formula memorized. When I took it in actsci class, they gave it to us on tests.