Random Thoughts

As long as we have the heat on I don’t worry about wearing shoes or socks. I even take out the trash in flip-flops - a couple minutes of cold air on my feet aren’t worth the effort of putting on shoes and socks.

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Got an ad on my Facebook stream that renting a private jet is finally affordable!!! Made me think of somebody… :face_with_monocle: :tophat: :moneybag: :man_office_worker:



And I got a blast e-mail for Ritz-Carlton yacht vacations. :dolphin: :tophat:

AO Fan’s furniture thread made me think how badly the office furniture rental business must be suffering.

I have various friends whose main customers were businesses… for example, one guy’s big thing was white boards (and their frames) which took a hit with offices getting closed… then he found he was selling a lot of the frames w/o white boards… various orgs were putting the clear plexiglass in the frames. So he started selling plexiglass + the frames.

Lots of interesting changes going on…

I forgot about that guy… does Brazil block GoActuary?

I also learned you can get a decent estimate of the speed of light with some marshmallows and a microwave

We baked cookies today. I ate too many. :nauseated_face:

Or maybe the admins blocked the guy

Is a funeral on Zoom known as a Zoomeral?

I discovered my puppy’s favorite thing is bull penis (bully sticks). Who the hell decided to start marketing that to pet owners, and why do dogs love that so much?

Never herd of them before - here is an answer to your question that may steer you in the right direction:

More a random event. Justin Beiber said hi to my SO. It’s like he said hi to me :).

We live near where Beiber is from (I know folks that went to HS with him). My SO is an identical twin so they stick out. They were walking through a mall and crossed paths with him and he said hi. I don’t think either of the twins even really new who he was until he was long past.

Nobody around here gaf about justin beiber or celebs in general so why do I find the idea of beiber randomly saying hello funny? I dunno.

Howard Johnson’s “Things Can Only Get Better” came on twice Sunday, once in a mall and once in Walmart (seems very unlikely) so I sat down at home and gave it another listen.
The song is in English but I could only make out about 3/4 of the lyrics without looking at them.

It’s Howard Jones, and I really liked a different song of his “No One is to Blame”

I knew that :unamused:

I thought this was going to be about a hotel commercial.

We’ll leave the light on for ya’. :bulb: