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While there are some really stupid examples of sex offenders that pose absolutely no threat whatsoever to anyone at all… I think the solution is to fix the laws that got them arrested & tagged as sex offenders in the first place… not to put one on that board.

The Economist ran an article about this over a decade ago and two examples I recall were a 15.9 yo boy asking a 17.0 yo girl in his class at school to give him a blow job. She agreed and since 16 was some arbitrary boundary in her state, when they got caught by a teacher she was arrested, incarcerated, and since her “victim” was a minor, she was tagged as a Level III (I think) sex offender for life.

In another case a mom allowed her 17.9 yo daughter’s 18 yo fiancé to spend the night in her bedroom. This constituted facilitating in the statutory rape of a minor child or something close to that, which got Mom tagged as a Level III sex offender. By the time of the trial the daughter was (voluntarily) married to her “rapist”. I can’t remember why the fiancé / “rapist” didn’t get in trouble, but there was some technical reason why he was off the hook, but Mom was not.

Did these folks engage in poor judgement? Yeah, probably. Are they a threat to society? Not even close. Is the proper solution to put them on this board? No.

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basically showing Willy in public

I hate politicians who leverage religious connections for votes.

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I fixed the headline to be more accurate:

One of the few good things I learned from my time with Jaspess I (who is black) is that black hair is a unique source of strength, power, and identity for black folks, especially black females. It also has unique care and styling needs for not just looks but also health. Digging in on this because “dress code” does nothing to respect the student’s humanity. imo it’s the quintessence of the “Lawful Evil” D&D character alignment.

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It’s also so f***ing dumb because he was complying with the dress code. The dress code specified hair couldn’t be below the eyes or cover the ears, so he wore it neatly up and away from both.


Yeah, seems like most dress codes (apparently including that one) don’t specify how long it can be, just stuff like “not touching the ears”.

Hard to say if the superintendent is intentionally being misleading, or is just ignorant:

He said districts with a traditional dress code are safer and achieve higher academic performance.

It’s true that wealthier areas are more likely to enforce dress codes, so he’s not strictly wrong, he’s just being a misleading, racist asshat.

However, dress code enforcement doesn’t boost academic performance or safety.

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I can attest to that from my brick-and-mortar experience.

2024 and the US public education model still emphasizes compliance above all else. hshake

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Good article on media partisanship in today’s Globe and Mail. This excerpt shows the merit of individuals viewing media with different political biases.

** A Yale University study recruited regular Fox News viewers, who identified as Republican, liked Donald Trump and said they disliked CNN, and paid them $15 an hour to watch CNN, plus a further $10 per quiz on what they’d viewed. A second group of study participants continued to watch Fox as they normally would.

“The people who switched to CNN became more negative in their appraisals of Trump, including his management of the pandemic, his intelligence and his honesty, according to the study,” noted Mike Cummings, “Switching to CNN also made people more aware of bias in Fox News’ coverage. For example, the switchers were less likely to agree that ‘If Donald Trump did something bad, Fox News would discuss it’.”

While the CNN viewers did not shift their opinions of Joe Biden, the study concluded that “partisan media outlets, by filtering out unflattering or negative information about their preferred ideological side, weaken the electorate’s ability to evaluate the performance of elected leaders,” Mr. Cummings reported.**

I am very curious if paying Biden voters to watch Fox would change anything


TIL that Jesse Watters, who is now in Tucker Carlson’s time slot, is married to a former coworker who is 14 years younger than him, and that when he was trying to get her to date him, he deflated her tires so that he could give her a ride home. Or at least, that’s what he said on air. And that claim was before he got his current promotion.

I had no idea he replaced the time slot of Slackjaw. Obviously I’m no Fox News viewer so I’ve only seen immensely stupid clips from him, like claiming Taylor Swift is a Pentagon asset.

It appears that time slot is reserved for a particular kind of liar.

The He Gets Us ads are funded largely through one of the founders of Hobby Lobby, who is well known for his conservative, pro-life, and anti-LGBT beliefs. This Evangelical Billionaire Family Wants to Convert You on Super Bowl Sunday

But the ads aim to be inclusive, so on Twitter, the right is having a meltdown.

Candace Owens https://twitter.com/RealCandaceO/status/1756840751328071718

The psychological conditioning of Christians in America continues.
Too many Christians in America are weak and will defend the faith of others while allowing their own faith to be publicly mocked and ridiculed by the media.
There can be no doubt that seemingly never-ending denominations has allowed for this.

“One of the typical biblical names for the devil is ho diabalos, derived from the term diabalein (to throw apart). If God is a great gathering force, then sin is a scattering power. ”

What is divided will eventually be conquered.

Matt Walsh https://twitter.com/MattWalshBlog/status/1756847719518175435

This organization has millions of dollars to spend on Super Bowl ads pushing heretical bullshit to a mass audience. Who are their funders? Where are they getting the money for this?

Matt Kennedy https://twitter.com/lambeth981/status/1756829894837764142

He Gets Us: “Jesus doesn’t teach hate”

Jesus: “If anyone comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple.”


The right is angry at it because it shows Jesus more as a servant and protector of the weak, rather than gun-totin boot-in-the-ass Aryan Jesus.

The left is angry because they see through the bullshit to its anti-LGBT roots, irredeemably intermingled with conservatives individuals, corporations, and politicians who spread hate.


Our collective reaction to the ad was “it’s a nice sentiment, too bad most Christian preachers don’t act that way.” Like a lot of conservative campaigns this seems like they are projecting. Every accusation is a confession, etc.


How insane would it sound for a liberal to say, “Honey, get our checkbook! Biden raped someone and I need to help him pay for it!

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No more insane than if you replaced the words “liberal” and “Biden” with “Republican” and “Trump”… just a lot less likely.

652, 000 people, 48% of the voting population in Alabama voted for Roy Moore

Nitpick: 48% of those who cast a ballot in that special election voted for Roy Moore. Not everyone who was eligible to vote in that election actually did vote.

Eh… cast a ballot = voting