Question on interest measurement of a fund

I have my question attached to a word document so I could use equation editor and make the question as clear as I possibly could Chapter 7 question.pdf (98.4 KB)

Unfortunately no. You do have the answer for compound interest, but simple interest is slightly different. The answers are very close since the periods are less than one year.

Correct answer:
The original 1000 grows to 1000(1+.04(1))=1040
The 200 deposit grows to 200(1+.04(,75)) = 206
The 300 withdrawal, including interest, reduces the ending balance by 300(1+.04(.25))=303

Also just a minor nit. You pdf says “earning .04%”. It is earning 4%, or i = .04, but not i=.04%.


okay thank you for the feedback I felt like something was off