Question for Retired Actuaries

Do you keep up with the business of your former employer(s)?

Before retiring in 2020, I thought I’d review the Annual Statements for at least the first few years in retirement to see how the business was doing, reserve runoff, and the like. Turns out I don’t actually care enough to do even that much.

I do have lunch about every 4 to 6 weeks with a few guys from work. A couple of them are retired now too and some are still working there, so I’m more up to date than I would be otherwise, but less interested in the specifics than I’d imagined. I’m in email contact with a few others too.

It’s a small company of ~150 people, so it’s not like I was a cog in a vast machine. I was pretty plugged in to the decision making apparatus.

Anyway, I surprised myself and wonder if others had similar experience.

I was tired yesterday, tired again today, so am I retired?

I still work, but I keep in touch with some prior coworkers (retired and even new jobs) through social media (facebook if close, LinkedIn if just friendly).

I live 50 miles from the office, and haven’t been in more than once a week in ten years so different relationships.

I know I will have no interest in reviewing finacials

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i like what i do. enjoy reading about the industry now. i will likely stay in touch with people, but i doubt I will have in-depth following of the industry when i retire. in the next 12 years, that could change.

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Retired for over 5 years. Still active on SOA exam committees, but no contact with former company. I had expected to go into the office occasionally, but it is 25 miles away.

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The chief actuary at the company I worked for as an actuarial student up to about 2000, he’s probably been retired for 15 years. He still does the monthly newsletter for the company, and has since he retired I think.
And, he still meets for lunch with me, the retired head of group marketing, and my former supervisor (FSA, but not retired) about once a year.
So I’d say he’s pretty active and follows the company. Mind you, it’s a mutual company so perhaps the environment is different. And his pension is tied up at the company so he’s got a vested interest.


I still keep in touch with a few folks, but most of my better friends have left the company.

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Same here. I have had annual Xmas drinks with a group of former Mercer Vancouver friends since retiring 14 years ago but only one still works there.

Almost everyone I knew from the Mercer Toronto and Montreal offices also have retired or gone to other companies. As long as my pension is well-funded, I don’t worry too much about how the business is doing.


For various reasons, I am not interested in the business of my immediate past employer, although I am interested in the welfare of some of my former colleagues.

I occasionally visit with other local retired actuaries. I occasionally speak about the profession to college students at a nearby university.

I did try to keep up with a recent paper, but I was unable to replicate one of the key exhibits. However, I posted about that, and nobody posted a reply that could help.

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