Question Breakdown for Exam Fails

Starting with the July 2020 exams, the SOA says that the score breakdowns by questions are your percentile and not a score of 0-10. :woman_facepalming: :triumph: Naturally solutions come out later than the breakdown that say if a lot of people didn’t attempt the question etc. Does anyone know how this handles blank questions?

For example, if 30% leave Q1 blank for 0 points… do those 30% of people all get 30th percentile and not 0th percentile? I’d have guessed the latter as I’d think 30th percentile means a chunk of people did worse, and you can’t do worse than 0. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case…

I guess I’m just not sure how to interpret the breakdown, even once solutions come out. I know I left some questions blank… I just don’t remember which ones.

I don’t know the answer to this.

I do recommend writing your question to, because they do know the answer…and they may post more info on the website if lots of people are asking them this question.

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Ah good idea - I did reach out upon your suggestion and will also post the response here as well. Thanks!

Totally forgot to reply for future reference (in part because it took 2 months to get a response)…

If 70% of people leave the question blank (it gets scored as a 0), then all of those people will see they got the 70th percentile on that question. :no_mouth: