QFI- Scenario Modeling Module

Thread for the QFI- Scenario Modeling Module. This module uses RStudio and focuses on building and running types of economic scenarios.

Has anyone done this module yet and know how long it was, or is interested in doing it Nov-Dec 2020? The Financial Modeling module is also in R and I found that took forever to do - far longer than the FAP modules. Trying to decide if I want to power through one or two modules before January results and just be done with it.

Apparently it also has six case studies like Financial Modeling. If it’s that same format with the slides, case studies, and write-ups, it will be long. :sweat:

Edit2: The six case studies includes the demo (already completed) this time, so only five require work (FMM had six requiring work). The format is the exact same as FMM.

Edit3: I personally found this far quicker and easier than FMM. Took me 9 days (constant work) to do. Also BEWARE the submission requirements - for FMM you compile all RMD markdowns into a single Word file, for SMM you do not.

Yes I’m planning on submitting ERM this weekend then cranking through the rest before January 4th. It’s going to be a nightmare but I have a lot of time off to do it. Glad to know that this one is also in R, as I had no idea the FMM was until I went through it the other day. Was there any google groups you utilized or anything? I’m sure I could reason my way through the R based stuff, but could REALLy use help on ERM.

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I made heavy use of the SOA’s Learning Companion (aside from the days when it was down :triumph:). It’s nice because you can scroll through the history and use Ctrl+F (also helps it’s a relatively new module) - not as good as AO but same style. For FMM I managed to partner up with someone on that and do a private chat but no one responded to my requests this time. The code from the slides is extremely helpful.

Sorry to hear about ERM - I’m gonna start that next week and am not looking forward to it. At least FMM and SMM I found the material was interesting.

Okay, maybe it’s down right now or I can’t get to it on my work laptop but thanks for heads up. I had no idea that was a thing.

And yea for ERM, it’s just the epitome of the last thing I want to do much like the FA. Think about a fake company’s fake risks and make a fake model that fits within the fake CRO’s fake guidelines. It’s all so incredibly forced and there’s no way to make me care about it.

If you’re in the SMM slides, go to Tools -> Learning Companion. It’s the very last item in the list (for FMM it’s more toward the top). It was down Friday and still Monday when I checked.

Stuck in FMM Q5. Question about delta hedging, and could not check the exposure units or hedging interest. Could you please give me some hints? Many thanks!

I’m not sure on which questions specifically, but there were definitely some FMM questions where I couldn’t match the units or some of the other answers and I gave up eventually (it helped to remember you don’t need a 100% to pass). Their “the answer key might not be right” isn’t helpful but it definitely does happen - FMM is particularly difficult. So I don’t have a hint other than “you might be right and don’t spend too much time on it.”

I’m stuck on case 3 of FMM. Could you please share your though about what sma model and Hold Winters exponential model are and how to use them? I’m really appreciate for you help!