QFI Quant Materials

Anyone have any recommendations for the study materials for this exam? I have purchased TIA seminar, at this point. I’ve heard for other exams that TIA is sufficient materials for the whole exam, but I have not heard specifically for this exam. Is there any supplemental materials necessary, such as the Actex or PAK manual or the source materials?

You definitely need the source materials listed on the syllabus for any FSA exam. As far as third-party materials, TIA is sufficient on its own when paired with the source materials.

Source materials - the rest is just fluff.

There’s no summary that will give you everything that you need, not even the footnotes are safe.

I assume that means the SOA Study Notes should be purchased as well?

I actually didn’t purchase that - since they’re not very technical I felt TIA’s summary was likely sufficient, but it’s probably a good idea to have them.

I read through the source material and used PAK manual as a quick summary. I purchased the SOA notes as well.