QFI PM - Spring 2022 thread

Kicking off this thread if anyone else is taking it with me.

Hoping try #2 goes better…

Hey @Polynomial. This is my first attempt and unfortunately I started studying late but how to get through the material before the end of March. How are things going with your studying? How are you approaching the exam for your second attempt? Any tips?

I’m currently on schedule studying - it comes in waves for me.

The material itself is “easy” as it makes sense when hearing it (vs QFI-Quant which was very difficult) but you have to focus on all the details and lists. I’d been surprised when I did old exams last fall how detailed it was; a general understanding didn’t get me very far. So tons of flashcards will be important. Find ways to make the lists manageable (one key word per point, group them together somehow, etc. ).

Pay attention to the objectives - some (especially the early ones) have a ton of different information while others are fine tuned on one topic (like IFRS17). That helps me narrow my focus when I’m overwhelmed by where to start. What is nearly guaranteed to be tested somehow vs merely a possible question.