QFI PM - Spring 2021 thread

AO has gone, I think everyone has moved to this website.
Please share any experiences if you have. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I can maybe help with QFI questions now that I’m donezo. No promises. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replying, can you suggest how to prepare for the QFIPM exam, I think there are to many concepts that needs to memorize. This really tough…

Is this your first FSA level exam?

QFI is not an exercise of memorization, in fact, they give you most of the formulas at the exam. My first suggestion would be to print the formula sheet out and keep it with you as you study. Take notes, as nothing is labeled, and spend time understanding what they have and have not given you - then you’ll start to figure out all the little things you do need to memorize for the exam.

That said, there is no shortcut here. You need to understand the concepts very well before you’ll be able to pass this. You could memorize all ~1500 pages of readings and I still don’t think that would get you all the way there.

Thanks for the suggestion. Actually, PM is the last exam left for me. I think there are few formulas at PM exam, and most of them are qualitative concepts. Those qualitative concepts are easy to understand, but hard to memorize them. So confused…

I took QFI before it was split into the current setup, so I’ll trust you that the PM material is mostly conceptual.

In that case, what works for me is taking my own notes while I’m studying. If a particular section seems like the basis of a good exam question, I’ll throw that up on the wall with a sticky note.

You won’t get everything to stick, and that’s alright - don’t panic. Remember that what works for me, might not work for you (particularly since I rewrote enough times such that I was able to spot potential questions easier) - but hopefully it’ll help.


Time flies, we’re already less than a month away! How are you all feeling thus far?

After taking QFI Quant 3 times, I do feel relieved at the lack of complex concepts and derivations, but the sheer volume of memorization is challenging in its own right.

I rather take QF again than PM, I can just understand the logic behind QF and exam away.
Too many things to remember in PM and the question is so confusion, literally need to guess what it is try to ask.

Gonna take PM tmr, no idea how it will turn out