QFI PM - Fall 2020 thread

I took qfi pm about a week ago. Since this is the first time it is computer based, I feel the time is really stressful since typing up the formulas, etc. Any thoughts on this? How does everyone feel about the difficulty.

I did QFI QF, not PM, last week, but am curious: do you feel like they made adjustments to the test since it was CBT, or could it have been offered exactly as is back in July in the handwritten format?

From my own prospective, I do not feel any adjustments. The exam feels the same (style-wise)

Same for QF, but it was largely handwritten so not surprising. That’s frustrating because I feel like the CBT changes are entirely negative (no breaks or reading period etc). To not change the test… :triumph: Who knows - spring may be different. Thanks for the input!

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Now that SOA has posted the exam, how does everyone feel? From what I remembered the passing mark for this exam used to be high. higher than 60/100?