QB Shuffle and other NFL moves

I expect a lot of QB moves Stafford for Goff
Wentz to Colts
Rivers Retiring
Jets - Trade, Draft or Hold
Tebow (no longer in baseball)


I said QBs and other moves, are you hard of hearing? and spelling?

There are a lot of teams with unsettled QB positions.

49ers, Saints, Panthers, Washington, Bears, Texans?, Patriots, Jets, Steelers, Broncos (probably sticking with Lock). Jacksonville assuming to draft Lawrence. Dallas I guess too, but I don’t see them letting Dak leave.

I think there are 3-4 QBs ranked high in the draft. So I guess some teams are probably going to be giving some not very good QBs 20-25m/year.

As a Jets fan I am so torn. Would love Watson, but the price most likely be too high.

I do think Darnold could be good, if he received any coaching at all. Then you can invest all your draft picks and cap room to building around him.

I thought Watson wanted to be a Jet even less than he wants to be a Texan.

Seems like every year there is some form of musical chairs with quarterbacks. Last year I didn’t even realize Rivers was with Indy until around week 3 I think.

A lot of people here expect ATL to draft a QB to learn behind Ryan for a year. If Ryan kicks butt, they have a valuable trade piece. If he doesn’t, then they move on from Ryan after next season.

With the Qb needs out there in the league though, I think their pick might be at a premium. I’d be trading back if I were them and could find a trade partner

Deshawn Watson still dangling out there I see.

Well, he’s expensive and now he has baggage. So, Raiders?

Interesting deep story on Goff and Rams.

My take; dude got comfortable after signing the mega-contract. And the Rams were way too eager to sign him to that extension. On Hard Knocks, he’s seen chipping golf balls with his gf in the backyard.
And, oh yeah, in his rookie season, on Hard Knocks as well, he blurted out that he didn’t know which direction the sun rose. That tells me things.

Also, Snead is a shitty GM and gave way too much away to acquire an older QB who will have to be replaced sooner. So glad they play against the Seahawks (at least) twice a year.

That a Cal education isn’t what it used to be?

Well, a Cal (or any football-revenue-dependent (Power 5) college) education for a football player.

I’ve done a complete 180 on my opinion on Watson. When the sexual assault claims first emerged right after he reportedly wanted a trade, the timing seemed like a planned hit piece. As I’ve heard more, I think he’s probably guilty of some awful behavior. I would not be surprised if he’s done in the NFL

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Unlike Ray Rice, the only guy I think was actually black balled,because he was no longer productive, Watson is a top QB, unless he’s doing actual jail time there will be at least one interestedteam.

I think this will be more similar to Vick.
Purely because the people paying the money have zero respect for women.

And that is a lot of people, when considering the revenue streams.

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That was exactly what I meant.
Fans and owners won’t end his career.