Public Domain - noting items as they come into it

On January 1, 2023, the movie Metropolis comes into the public domain in the U.S.

as well as some other things from 1927

The Jazz Singer also


Some Judge decided that Babe Ruth’s season HR record was now in the public domain.

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What does that even mean? How can a statistic be in the public domain?

Or is this a joke that I just didn’t pick up on?

Perhaps the Capital letter might render a verdict on this.


For those who missed it when he announced it, Tom Lehrer relinquished the rights to his music:

Grab the stuff while you can, because eventually he will stop paying for his website.

But then you can post the stuff to your own website.

(This should be a non-paywalled link)

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Interesting on the distinction between trademark and copyright.

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does the copyright to the “F/M/K” party game also expire?

  1. It was a joke.
  2. It was a joke.
  3. Yes. It was a joke.

You see, Babe Ruth set the HR record in 1927. Aaron Judge is a player that surpassed that record this year.
The funny part is that it was in 1927, same as the topic here.
And that Aaron Judge’s last name is Judge. Judges are sometimes used in determining copyright issues.

It all dissolves when one realizes that Roger Maris broke that record in 1961.
And, when one explains the joke like this.

Happy New Year! May all jokes be obvious!

SteveGrondin’s explanation was sufficient, thanks.