Could we get a place in Preferences to display our Pronouns, that would show under our name?

I do this IRL, for my volunteer work and it seems to make even more sense for an anonymous forum

There is a option in the profile, but I think it only appears if you click on the user name (mine should appear.)

ok, thanks, could be more convenient

Yeah, it’d be cool if it showed like on LinkedIn just after the name (in smaller font or non-bolded to set it off from the user name)

Speaking of pronouns, why do they get shared in groups like he/him or they/them? Don’t the other forms just follow the first pronoun? Or are there people that go by mixes like he/her or they/him?

There doesn’t seem to be a module to allow for this. We’d have to do custom programming, a bit beyond our reach right now.

I think it’s more for less traditional pronouns, like xe? Not everyone knows all the corresponding pronouns.

Actually, I used to see three–. He, him, his

I always saw it as just an overly full clarification, even if redundant

I think this is the reason. Is it xe/xer or xe/xim, for instance.

But now that “they” seems to have won as the pronoun that isn’t he or she, the sites I maintain mostly just ask if you use he/she/they or some pronoun that I need to add to the list.


Thanks, that makes sense.