Pronouns update

We have the ability to add pronouns to our profile. Ive just removed the ‘no pronouns for me’ as a choice.
I put that in there originally thinking some folks didnt want pronouns but in practice i feel like it was being used as some sort of statement against people identifying their pronouns.
Probably nobody cares but it was annoying me and now its not. And in the end, isnt that what really matters?

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I thought the “no pronouns for me” was the default rather than a statement.

but agree with removing it as it did seem to look like some sort of statement.

Here! Here! No one wants an angry lobster! :beers:

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on an anonymous forum, I wouldn’t see " no pronouns" as a political statement, then again some people are against all things rainbow

Isn’t the field optional? If it is, it’s 100% a statement.

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