Professional Brand?

Do you have a professional brand? Do you feel like you need one?

Mine is I’m old and I’ve been here forever and I know stuff about this company and some of its products that no one else knows. That’s not much of a brand. But with ~10 years left, do I even need one?

Yes, typing this while listening to a call where the speaker is talking about how to create a personal brand.


I’m not sure. Can you give some examples of what a professional brand might look like?

I volunteer for a lot of things, and I’m very vocally against using buzzwords, but other than that, I don’t think so.

It seems to me that “personal brand” is something that is very different from “professional brand”.

The latter will be strongly influenced by the “professional organization” you work for/represent.

The former is something that you generally have considerable control over once you understand the adage of “perception is reality to most people”.

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i demonstrate it by leaving my linkedin barely updated. that’s my brand - utilitarian and functional and largely unpolished.


I occasionally get emails from LinkedIn saying that people have looked at my profile, which I don’t think I’ve updated in over 12 years. I always wonder who is looking at it.

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When I see which companies have looked at my profile I sometimes wonder what keywords they put in the search field.

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used to be called “reputation”.

still should be. the people hyping “personal brand” are those who are also usually selling you a course on how to improve it to upscale your career.


Ok I think “personal brand” is the thing they were talking about. Like describing yourself in a way that transcends your current role and:or company.

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How would I describe myself? Three words: hard working, alpha male, jackhammer, merciless, insatiable.

That’s my personal brand

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May I see your three résumés?

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People looking to sell stuff. Linkedin premium lets you do some decent sized searches and pull out large lists. Then they scroll through the list, find possible candidates and those ones get the linkedin spam.

I should update my LinkedIn. I am no longer an FCA. Yikes.

My email I used no longer exists and cannot reset my password.