Privacy on GoA

Who can see your name? As far as I can tell - no one - not even me. (And I don’t think you have to include it when you register - just an e-mail)

Who can see your e-mail address? Admins and full mods.


I wish I’d known this in advance. I wouldn’t have used my email address :confused:

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Also good to note that you can see a list of the Admins and Full Mods here:

I’m assuming that’s a comprehensive list?

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Looks like it.

Couple clarifications. Admins have mod status as well as other site admin status, but other than Serena are not admins in practice.

I’m listed twice because no good reason. I registered as Glenn, the other userid is my google login. I should probably remove my second id.

Stan is just the id of my developer and it’s only there for software testing. He wont be participating in any way.