Prior to 1/1/2025 predictions

I think Tesla is going to buy another car manufacturer. GM seems to be a good buy, as does Ford.

Go ahead, predict something

In The Year 2000: Jack Black Edition | Late Night with Conan O’Brien - YouTube

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I was going to do a “vague predictions for the future that you’ll explain later on” thread. Maybe I still will.

I’ll tangent off your prediction: X The Service Formerly Known As Twitter [finally] gets a very legitimate competitor, which is all-around better and has a number of the things TSFKAT users always wanted (and more!), and most remaining people abandon TSFKAT for it.

As opposed to a “Perfect” competitor, which I expect it already has, though I can’t keep track of all the times that adjective has been used.

oh goodness, that would be terrible for anyone who works there.

In the year 2024, ChatGPT will file a law suit against itself for plagerism.


That goes in the “after 1/1/2025, but prior to 1/1/2026 predictions” thread. Read the f-ing thread title!

Fixed, for cryin’ out loud!

A major world leader dies in office. Aging politicians plus conflicts make it more likely.

Insider trading of some schmucks in office.

The Republicans will agree on a speaker for the house


That’d be too early for another Back to the Future movie. Or would it???

AI seriously threatens something

But it will be a Democrat.

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In the year 2024, Alec Baldwin will be acquitted of all charges related to the Rust shooting death. However, the day after the verdict, he dies unexpectedly after choking on a cold baloney sandwich and no one around knows how to do the Heimlich maneuver.

Surprised myself on this one


The 2:00 mark will be broken for the marathon world record.

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V_A will learn how to speel plagiarism.

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V_A will forgive 1695814 for being such a pedantic jerk.

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Oh, he’ll forgive you . . . but not for being a pedant.

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