Prince Phillip died: political version

Prince Phillip has died. Let’s keep the generic RIP thread respectful, but here’s a place to vent if you want to.

I confess, I don’t really know anything about Prince Phillip except what I’ve seen on “The Crown”, which is likely not completely accurate. Oh, and he lived a really long time.

FWIW, I think the more factual things in The Crown, like his escape from Greece, his family’s Nazi connections, his sister’s death, that he thrived at Gordonstoun despite a rocky start and insisting that his own sons go there as well, his naval career, chairing Elizabeth’s coronation committee and insisting it be televised, opening the Olympics, learning to fly, giving Princess Margaret away at her wedding, him being a fan of Diana until Diana started talking about leaving the family, his commitment to physical fitness, being closer to Anne than the other kids… I think that’s all pretty accurate.

How he treated Elizabeth in private, whether or not he actually cheated on her… they’re taking some dramatic license there. Some of that is unknowable, of course.

Oh, the ill-fated BBC documentary was real, but his mother’s interview with the newspaper was not. I don’t like it when they make up stuff like that, but they did.

Given how many servants, staff, security… are always around the royal family, my guess is that a lot of people know that. But most of them didn’t take with Netflix, if i had to guess.

Eh, there are a lot of different takes on the same events.

In particular the nature of young Charles and Camilla’s breakup and the nature of Philip and Diana’s relationship after she started contemplating divorce are things over which there are a lot of different stories.

And I don’t think Netflix needs people to talk to them. There are volumes written about the royal family, not to mention tons of television coverage. All they have to do is read and watch old tv footage and decide how they want to portray certain events that happen “behind the scenes” so to speak.

I’ve been reading obits.

The WSJ did a nice, general-purpose summary of his life, as you’d expect.

I turned to Al Jazeera, wondering if they would have a more bitter take. Rather to my surprise, the text of their obit was also mostly positive and mostly apolitical. It was illustrated with a photo of Philip and the queen seated in thrones, wearing tons of regalia, an image of imperialism.

And the “trending article” linked at the bottom of the page was this article from 2017, presumably when he “retired”

Prince Philip has done the world an extraordinary service by exposing the racist hypocrisy of “Western civilisation”.

Reuter’s has a more personal obit, including info like that the funeral will be private, and there will not be a public wake. The only hint of Phillip’s unpleasant side is a single comment about “gaffes”.

But it, too, carried that extremely monarchial photo of him and the queen, which seems to be their photo:

FILE PHOTO: Britain’s Queen Elizabeth waits to read the Queen’s Speech to lawmakers in the House of Lords, next to Prince Philip, during the State Opening of Parliament in central London May 9, 2012. REUTERS/Oli Scarff/POOL/File Photo

If there is a heaven, hopefully he can ask Bog to help out our friends in Vanuatu

I thought this guy was the one with possibly troubling affiliations with Epstein. Apparently there was more than one Prince (more than two if we count the artist formerly known as Prince).

The racist stuff is, of course, unacceptable. I still found it funny that he called the Scottish alcoholic “natives”. Like, it’s been hundreds of years since you’ve been together, he’s not that old.

That was one of his sons.

I’m curious, now, which of the ones in “the crown” is the one who grew up to hang out with Epstein. Was it the nasty one or the crazy entitled one.

i thought he was hilarious, and the world was a better place with him in it

99 years of looking down on other people is a long time.



Wow, that DID feel really good to vent

Go study. :roll_eyes:

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Yeah, you wonder how growing up in Nazi Germany shaped his views. He and Elizabeth both have a decent amount of German blood in them, both being descendants of Victoria (half German) and Albert (all German) but he actually grew up there.

The episode of The Crown where he went to the funeral of his sister and brother-in-law and nephews was chilling.

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