Pricing, Reserving & Forecasting Module

hello! I have few questions regarding the tasks:

Task 1 - What are types of conservatism are we writing for this task? I see that we need to write a brief description for each reserve estimate, do we have one for Completion Factor Approach?

Task 2 - What is the range of the premium rate did you get? I get around $210.

Task 3 - To derive the total termination rate, do we add the lapse rate and qx for each age?


For task 3, which mortality table do we select? There are two versions of the 2012 Individual Annuitant Mortality ā€“ Basic and Period (which includes a margin)

For 3) I think we need to use the 2008-11 LTC Insurance persistency report from the soa website

I got around $210 as well.

I have the same question. should I use IAM basic table or IAM period table? I guess I will go with the basic table.

Idk of anyone is still working on this but for refinements to address the cash flows in task 3, what did anyone suggest? Iā€™m thinking of just recommending reserves be set up and investment strategies be explored, but Iā€™m not sure if i then need to build that into the model. Or if I am missing something and should be refining the product itself.