Preventing Manager Dependency: Teaching Your Team to Be More Independent

This seems particularly important in a WFH environment, especially when the company is not generally used to a WFH approach.


Yeah, there’s going to be a lot of people learning how to manage people working from home in 2020.
The article’s a bit light though. Comparing leadership and management to parenting is a bit demeaning even if it is valid :).

As both a parent (of highschool/college aged kids) and a manager, it is most definitely valid. I use lessons I learned trying to raise self-sufficient kids in my role all the time. It is simply understanding the difference between teaching vs doing because many managers and parents simply do the work because it is easier right now, rather than taking the more difficult, more immediately time-consuming approach of teaching someoen to be self-sufficient.

Whether it is demeaning or not, I guess that is all in how one approaches a problem. If the project is “create something that does X” or “find a solution to Y” and the immediate response is literally “I don’t know how to create something that does X” or “what do I do to find a solution to Y?” … (yes, those are basically real conversations I have had recently)