Pretentious data

I think the word data is pretentious. I think we should use datums instead. It has a nice friendly ring to it.


Declaring a word to be pretentious without any support for why is . . . pretentious

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I found the following as a good alternate emoji for what I think you’re looking for:



yes, i was looking for squintyeyes and that’s a better alternative than what i picked instead.

On a test I gave to my 7th grade science students last year, the correct answer to an multiple choice question was “data”. The other three answers were also plural (I actually checked to make sure).

One of the girls put the wrong answer, but then wrote on the side something like, “I think B was right, but the answer has to be plural, and that one isn’t, so if I get this wrong I’m going to be mad”.

She got it wrong.

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We should go for pretentious drinks sometime with top shelf likker and the little umbrellas!!! :cocktail: :tropical_drink: :tumbler_glass:

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How about “information”

would that pass muster with you?

Observations become data, data become information, information becomes knowledge, knowledge becomes wisdom.

Im not sure whats pretentious about the word data, but maybe smoothie is less than serious