Powerball and MegaMillion Investors

Continuing the private group. Will update the cash positions of members.

Did we win yet?

Haven’t even played again.

This is not a private group.

If you want it to be, refer to the post where I explain how PGs work.

I was trying to search last week (early this week? it all blends together) on names of people from AO to here, and didn’t see all users. I think it may be better now.

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I’ve already taken out an advance loan in expectation of our big win, so I don’t want to lose this deal.

Looks like we are still missing 4, egghead, George Frankly, glassy, tommie frazier.

Glassy was refunded. Later today I will go see and post the balances of people. I think there will also be a $200M drawing coming up. I can communicate with everyone via the paysites. I’ll also text TF as I am friends with him.

It could still be a while…we go by cash value, right? …not advertised number?
MM = $91.4M
PB = $98.0M

Saw an article yesterday that said Idaho is pulling out of Powerball because the Multi-state Lottery Association is planning to extend Powerball to Australia and England. Idaho law has something that says it won’t participate in lotteries that extend beyond the US and Canada. So in August they will be pulling out.

That’s an interesting development. :popcorn:

That’s also an interesting development.