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Did you guys hear about the spam oreo burger McD launched in China for 1 day only. Seems pretty easy to make yourself here in the US. Please report back if it’s good.

This could be amusing…:popcorn:

I thought this SPAM was curious. They shut the site down and the links don’t work, but it’s still sending me email? And BigBlackBen (whoever that is) is still posting?

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Sun, Dec 27 at 11:30 PM

Dear Macroman,

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Posted by: BigBlackBen

On: 12-23-2020 08:59 AM

—Quote (Originally by LifeIsAPoissonProcess)—

Up 140% on speculative investing since March.

—End Quote—

here is to hoping 2021 is another good one to the #earlyretirement gang

All the best,

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Two Weird Al songs in one product - pretty impressive


You should be getting another alert at some point. See