Post your old ao id here

Hi I’m ao_fan. I was ao fan on the ao.

What was your ao id?

Hi ao_fan / ao fan. I was procrastinator.

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I can tell the story again if you like.

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Lol. I was vjvj on AO.

that’s almost as fascinating to know as procrastinator’s ao id

I was Jables, no wait…

I was Griffin5 & Inconceivable’s Mom.


Indy the Elusive Wallaby. :kangaroo:

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so elusive that I never heard of said ID.

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They still haven’t found any wallaby bones, have they??? :japanese_ogre: :male_detective:

I know “build that wallaby”. Was that you?

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celalta :shushing_face:


and yes, I’m familiar with the wallaby. No, the bones weren’t found. It’s a big town, geographically, and it was even seen down county!

I was only ever ALivelySedative, though I am interested in the thread. I’m sure there were many connections I never made.

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I’m Spartacus!

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I was twig93. Thought about starting over with a new ID here, but y’all would’ve figured it out so not much point.

I just changed from a Mariners logo to Seahawks, that’s all.

Listeria…'s admirer