Post when you crash Excel

I’m kind of wanting to lobby for a gaming setup at work.

well, not the audio system, but the processing power.

but if I did have the audio system, I could REALLY enjoy opera


Trying to do a rate impact calculation, and I had 4 other workbooks open. Which, it really shouldn’t have been a problem - but then I remember, those other workbooks were doing calculations too.

On the flip side, this is the first time I’ve crashed out Excel in a long time.

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Not excel, but I just crashed windows explorer when I searched “content:kwijybo”. …all of a sudden black screen of death.

Preemptive :bump:

I just copied a row of 8 columns down about 51k rows. It’s at 16% after 15 or 30 minutes.

I should ve known better.

You should stop shaving and see how long your beard is when it finishes.

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It’s at 56% now. Assuming it makes it and assuming linear progress, it looks like I’ve got just under 1/2 an hour to go. :clock1230:

Ooh. 90%. :popcorn:

It finished. Now let’s go add some =RAND() to really spice things up.

I am sorry. I am just not going to post that often!

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A Big 4 firm provided file had corrupted macros, so we had to get a new version. Accountables… :unamused:

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This thread is far under-bumped.

I didn’t need any of those 7 open files I was working on, now I get to re-save them all with a suffix and delete the originals and hopefully have all my work retained.

Strangely, Task Manager has been crashing a lot for me recently. Maybe I have my usage spread across too many separate programs, or there’s been a system update which made the program glitchy.

I t hasn’t yet, but I’m updating (find/replace) a slew of external links without having the destination file open.

70k+ replacements later and I live to tell about it.

Mitä me opimme tästä?

Petitioning a thread name change

No longer “Post when you crash Excel”

Instead “Post when Excel crashes for absolutely no damn reason

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