Post when you crash Excel

Just updating an interest rate graph, dammit.

That’s ALL that’s in this spreadsheet!

Links to separate workbooks apparently don’t function when saving through a different version of excel. IE 2016 workbook linking to a 2013 workbook. Had to recreate the 2013 one in 2016. Simple copy/paste, but figuring out what the heck was causing it was a headache.

I am just the Excel wizard this week, throwing fireballs at my CPU, evidently

Oh wait, I crashed all of Office. That was something - Outlook, Excel, and Word simultaneously. Oh, and Powerpoint.


All I wanted to do was clear out a bunch of old data pulls

I was just deleting stuff. ARRRGH


+1. I had no idea copy and paste was too much :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’m curious — what version of excel are people still using. Since we updated to Office 365 I only crashed maybe once every six months or so. Prior to upgrading we were on Office 2013 and Excel crashed several times daily.

I’m on Office 365

It’s more often Word or Powerpoint I crash now.

Ooops, I did it again

In general, I’m crashing these things because I have Excel AND Word AND Powerpoint all open at the same time, and I’m trying to copy over data from an Excel spreadsheet into the data sheet behind a graph (No, I don’t copy/paste graphs into documents. I’m not silly)

VBA coding for the crash

Apparently trying to update a pivot with formulas running across 534,000 rows and about a dozen columns in a file that runs 97MB is a problem.

If I can’t do that, what’s the point of even being an actuary.


Why pivot??
Also, why 540K rows? Could you do this work of summarizing what you want before you import to Excel?

Asking for a friend.

Because … I can.

I need to generate reports using several different slices of the data; using formulas to avoid a pivot is going to be way too complex. It’s 540K rows because I’m looking at data over a multi-year period for multiple lines; it’s already summarized as much as I can. In theory, I could perhaps knock out some of the formulas in the data section but I’m extracting from a database and then bringing in other pieces that are not in a database, and given timelines it’s easier for me to set it all up in Excel and map there.

It’s among the reasons I’m getting an intern for next summer. They can do all the data manipulation behind the scenes and create the reports I need, I can think of other ideas we’d like to execute on and can’t yet.

I’d rather use formulas than pivot tables in most circumstances

Me too, but when I have a bunch of criteria to keep track of it gets messy to write the formula, and I get impatient and rely on what I know I can work with to get the job done so I can move on to other stuff.


Excel crashed instantly and without explanation. I’ve been knee deep in someone else’s cluster**** of a file.

Maybe I’m Hoffman’s intern?

Sometimes I wonder if increasing the limit beyond 65,536 rows was such a good thing.

Did you bring me coffee this morning? No? Then you …

… well hell, you might be my intern.