Pop Favorites on NYE

When do you pop the bubbly on NYE?

  • Before Midnight to drink at midnight
  • Before Midnight, just to drink, Midnight is for kissing
  • At midnight to pop on the second
  • Pop, I am not a primitive, we open it properly
  • Champagne, we don’t need no stinkin’ Champagne

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Forgot: “We’re on the West Coast, so we watch the live feed of NYC NYE, drink at 9PM, asleep by 10PM, up the next morning to watch The Tournament of Roses Parade at 8AM.”


Where’s the option for new years eve is overrated and I’m going to bed before 10 with no alcohol?

I dislike new years eve. Even Christmas which isn’t my holiday is better than new years eve.


I assumed left coasters kept the same hours.

Asleep by 10am - you are a party animal

Champagne, we don’t need no stinkin’ Champagne

Ooops, fixed, so I am a REAL party animal!

What’s more boring than watching a parade? Watching a parade on TV.


I don’t dislike New Year’s Eve. I won’t stay up for it, though. I intensely disliked working New Year’s Eve when I worked overnights at a hotel. Partially because of drunk, stupid people but also partially because I tended to be single at that point in the year and nothing sucks like being single with your friends elsewhere and working by yourself as others are partying and having fun.

I did, however, once throw an impromptu NYE party which has legendary memories for most involved. It’s where I first kissed Mrs. Hoffman … after my dad kissed her first, along with all the other females present.

You do you.
Excluding giving me shit for what I do.

Having two couples over for rib roast and games.
Reverse-sear, of course.
They’ll all leave before midnight. Toast at 9pm.


I like NYE

This exactly, except weaselette watches the parade while I go for a bike ride. Hope it’s not raining this year.

NYD looks to be pretty beautiful. A bit cool. Up the pass and back?

Yeah it’ll have to be a road ride for sure. So much rain lately. Trails are off-limits until they dry out for a few days

I give most everyone shit for what they do.

When my kids were little we had a tradition of watching a Sesame Street video (New Years around the world or something) and then at 9 we would go outside and yell and set off confetti popper thingies and then go back inside and go to bed.

My family is getting together this weekend and I’m pretty sure I’ll be in my hotel room asleep at midnight.

I used to like NYE with the kids, a lot of appetizer type foods (sometimes Chinese apps), then a couple of movies, see how long they last

Recent years we get together with friends, either dinner out or in one of our homes. Always Midnight at a home

Last year we had COVID

Over the years, we’ve done a bunch of different things for NYE.

From small gatherings at our house (one or two other couples) to larger groups (15-20 people total). To doing the same thing at a friend’s house.

We’ve gone out to a bar or restaurant a couple times.

Or a big house party where there was a band. The biggest one probably was at Bon Jovi’s house which is about 2 miles from my house–we are contributors to his charity, and did some volunteer work at his restaurant.

A few times we just stayed home, occasionally staying up to midnight.

This year, just going next door. Us and them and a few kids.