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:ctm: I thought this thread wasn’t supposed to be funny. That’s a good one.

Vladimir Putin doesn’t want me to be President. He doesn’t want me to be our nominee. If you’re wondering why — it’s because I’m the only person in this field who’s ever gone toe-to-toe with him.

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) February 21, 2020

This tweet didn’t age well. say it isn’t so Joe, say it isn’t so…

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This speech from Joe’s basement didn’t age well either. Putin is still bullying Eastern Europe.

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You disagree because you think these are funny quotes and belong in the political humor thread???

While your retort is amusing, I don’t really get this wishing Trump had been in the seat line of thinking. The idea is Putin would be less willing to invade Ukraine because Trump would have been more willing to send US troops to Ukraine to defend it, to offer up nuclear war? Is that really what we prefer?

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I really don’t understand why conservatives are attacking everything Biden is doing right now. It makes no sense, but that is not the Republican’s strong suit anymore.


I’m not pushing a “Trump should be in the seat”. That’s not anywhere in the tweets I linked or in my posts. I’m just pointing out what an incredibly inept POTUS Biden is. The dems really screwed the pooch my nominating and electing him.

Biden can sure talk the talk, but he sure can’t walk the walk. If only there had been some indicators during the primary, and earlier during his career that would have indicated how inadequate his skills are for the job…

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You mean Whiplash Biden, who just put back into place the economic sanctions on the Nord Stream II pipeline he removed a short 9 months ago???

You don’t think that Biden should be attacked for his actions???

You mean the same Biden who had a clusterf*** withdrawal of troops and equipment from Afghanistan, the one where people were desperately clutching the sides of airplanes and falling to their deaths??? You don’t think that doesn’t project American weakness to the despots and dictators of the world??

You don’t think Biden should be attacked for his actions???

The guy is a walking disaster, and it’s only going to get worse.

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I agree, Biden is pretty meh. But we needed a guy who would defeat the flaming pile of garbage who was on track to win. I don’t think there’s a compelling case that anyone else in the D Primary field had a better shot at beating Trump and Biden himself didn’t win by that much (although a lot more than Trump would like you to think).

We’ve got meh because we elected flaming garbage before. Hopefully we can upgrade from here.

For his actions on Ukraine and Russia? I think he has largely handled it fairly well. I think Afghanistan was the equivalent of pulling a band aid off really fast instead of slow. We can quibble about the end result but IMO it all happened fast instead of being drawn out over 2-3 months. The NordStream was done for Germany and it gave him a lever to pull in the future which he did. I think your criticism is overly harsh and Trump would have been a disaster and has been a disaster as a former President setting on the sideline. Praising Putin as a genius is absolutely ridiculous given the scenario. The only ideas Republicans have any more is that Democrats suck which is exactly the only idea you have. At least be a Conservative and have ideas.


Why are people deflecting the well-earned criticism of Biden by always bringing up - “well if Trump was still in office” speculation??? Where does that come from??? dem talking point #1???

Biden sucks. He’s not meh. He’s a complete failure. Accept it. Own it.

Ask the Ukrainians (ask the alive ones and the dead ones, if you can)
Ask the people and billions of dollar of military equipment left behind for the terrorists in Afghanistan
Ask the American’s hurt by rapidly rising energy costs
Ask the Americans hurt by inflation

It won’t be long before Xi and the CCP can be added to this list
It won’t be long before some other dictator begins misbehaving.
Biden projects weakness. They can all smell it and know it.
This isn’t the end of Biden’s failures, it’s only the beginning.

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I mean you’re just all in on the kool-aid I guess. What was he meant to do differently on Ukraine? And the reason why the Trump comparisons come up is because that was the alternative, clearly. Yeah I’d love for us to have JFK instead but that wasn’t the alternative.

Afghanistan was clearly badly done, a bad outcome from a bad situation. Clearly bad mark for him but not exactly a rosy situation for anyone.

He sure owns some of that inflation, we overspent. He owns rapidly rising energy costs? Not really?

Biden “projects weakness”. Give me a break.


I suspect everyone here voted against Biden, except you. So it’s kind of weird that you hate him the most.

I guess that’s the nature of US democracy.

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Here’s a quick list of things where Biden screwed up and could have done things differently. The first one directly applies to "what could he have done differently on Ukraine (it’s prevention rather than reaction - and the Afghanistan stain on him shows ineptitude that Putin recognizes)

  • Don’t drop the Nord Stream II pipeline sanctions 9 month ago (only to reinstate them 9 months later)
  • Don’t stop construction of the Keystone pipeline
  • Secure the border so we can get a bi-partisan solution to immigration reform
  • Don’t push for BBB in a rapidly overheating economy already overheating due to the earlier questionable “stimulus spending”
  • Don’t screw up the military withdrawal from Afghanistan - nothing shows weakness more than a hurried retreat. The world was watching and he failed. Big time.
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There’s plenty of room for improvement I agree. I could probably even be persuaded to say Biden is bad not just meh. But again, I would have loved for vote for someone better. The other guy demanded the GA secretary of state find sufficient votes for him to win. This is what we were up against. I would have literally voted for a trash can over Trump, so we’re up from the trash can and up from the wanna-be-fascist. I hope we go up in the next election and Biden improves from here on out.


This argument sounds very reminiscent of the voters who cast ballots with a check next to Trump’s name but were actually voting “against” Hillary, feeling that Hillary was a much greater evil. I don’t remember anyone giving those voters a pass.

It sucks that Presidential elections have become a contest between the lesser of two evils. I don’t think that it will change. It seems like the easy solution is to go back to first principles and reduce the size, scope and reach of the federal government, then these lousy candidates will have less of an impact on our lives.

I don’t give those voters a pass because they were wrong. Hillary is not actually a horrible monster who eats babies. By choosing Trump they chose the greater evil.

I think picking between lesser evils is pretty normal. I don’t like the same things as most people, for example I don’t like the same books and movies and music as most people. So it doesn’t surprise me that I don’t like the same president.

But I agree that the amount of hate we have now is quite new, and quite unheard of.

Other countries and other time periods don’t have this much internal hate.

I don’t think vaguely reducing the size of a government is nearly as easy as you suggest. I don’t think there is any easy solution.

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