Political Figures Do/Say Stuff (that doesn't fit in other threads & doesn't merit a thread of its own)

More than once I’ve come across a news/“news” item that isn’t a “darndest thing”, doesn’t fit in another thread, and doesn’t seem worth creating a new thread for.

So, I’m creating this thread to be a home for that stuff.

Hannity is going to become Florida Man


I always forget Hannity is alive. Mixed him up with Rush Limbaugh. Both angry white men who say basically the same thing.

Anyway, Florida seems like a good place for him. Unlikely he’ll have to meet people who have different beliefs. Not like at his age he’s going to start being open-minded, so self-select to one of the worst states, please and thanks.

I thought Florida was a slave state. I’ve only heard “free state” used in connection with the Civil War where there were “free states” and “slave states.” /redfont.

Florida was a slave state. Hannity is using free state to mean free of socialism. It’s a state where you are free to wave Nazi flags alongside flags that support the governor without him criticizing you, where you are free to have books you dislike removed from school libraries. And where you are free to wear the clothes you like and use the bathroom corresponding to your gender. Ok, that last part is illegal, but basically a free state.

older white dude with income moves to state without income tax? he thinks that merits announcing?


I just assumed he was Florida man already. Didn’t click the link, what state did he move from?

Sorry for the confusion. I fixed my post.

In short: “Freedom for me to tell you what to do, and for you not to have the freedom to tell me what to do.”

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What states would we say are less free than FL? Texas? Any others come to mind? Every state has various levels of freedom and restriction, but FL has to be among the least free states.

New York.

Missouri, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi are the ones that come to mind…although I am not aware of any of those having taken over a local government to punish a major taxpayer for its wokeness and its opposing the will of the governor.

Or had the governor fire a DA on the basis of not aggressively enforcing laws, despite crime in the DA’s district going down and it not being clear what she actually did wrong. The fact that she was black was totally unrelated, btw.

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Idaho? Oklahoma?

Can’t do dumb stuff if the convention center kicks you out.