Police raid home of fired FL data scientist


Police raided the home of Rebekah Jones, the data scientist who was fired a few months ago for what she says was a refusal to manipulate COVID data. Allegedly there was some kind of unauthorized access of a shared email account which they traced to her IP and used that as the justification for obtaining a search warrant and conducting an armed raid on her home.

allegedly, the police pointed their guns at her kids, during that raid, too.

And they confiscated all her computer equipment. I suppose to check it for signs it was used for hacking, or maybe just to remove all the evidence of the state fudging its numbers.

Each little bit, escalate the violence, eventually they will get to the brown shirt solutions.

I am not sure about this story. I want more info before forming an opinion.

Well it’s possible that there’s more going on that is apparent. Nevertheless, pointing guns at a data scientist seems a bit over the top. They’re going in to take computer equipment from a white collar worker not doing a no-knock on a drug kingpin.

I’ve got a TI-83 and I know how to use it!

They did knock. They complained that she took a long time before opening the door.

Citizen: doesn’t answer door ‘quick enough’.
Cops: pew! pew! pew!

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The “hacked” emergency alert system is essentially a group email account, with a password that can be found via Google.

And the prosecutor resigned calling it gestapo tactics.

I weirdly find myself naturally sympathetic to the system (which I want to believe is bumbling but not necessarily evil?) but it’s not looking great for their side right now…

This is an understatement.

More receipts:

The main thing I’m learning here is that “data-science” is still an empty buzzword.


You’d also think the term data science would be correlated with some level of rationality but nope. What a wild ride that article was.

What a wild ride indeed…