"Please wait 15 minutes between posts in this topic"

What the hell is this about? I see this in the “Who’s the bigger jerk?” thread, and I haven’t posted there in weeks.

Is this for everyone? 'cause some posters need it, fucking up our nice area into something unreadable and not nice.


I see it too.

Do you mean this thread: Actuary in Central Park avoids punishment ? That’s the one with the 15-minute rule right now. Don’t know what you mean by “Who’s the bigger jerk?” thread unless you mean that one.

Well, it was either that or “You may post again once you’ve listened to this Enya track.”


That might work!

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Doesn’t seem to stop everyone from posting. Just me, for 15 minutes.
So, the problems still exist.

no, it’s not just you

Yes, it’s for everyone. When the moderators put a thread in slow mode, it affects all posters.

And the “time between posts” is for an individual, not the group.

So once you post, you have to wait 15 min. Someone else can post right after you do.


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I kinda like the slow mode vs just outright moderating people. I’d argue the latter might just build resentment and the former allows for people to cool off a little bit and otherwise get distracted by other things.

due to this slow mode, i learned multi-quoting. win!

okay, multi-quoting is super easy, but i never had a reason to do it before.

Sometimes during meetings I wish we could do slow mode, as long as everyone doesn’t start talking like that DMV sloth dude in Zootopia.



presses play on enya


starting to hate enya you guys

taps paw for the next 2 minutes


I guess it’s not an option to just throttle certain choice individuals?

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the thread is becoming repetitive. is there really that much more to say on the topic?

Yes, but it might be repetitive.

I’ll let you know how in at least 15 minutes.

Now it’s 30 minutes for a certain thread which I will not mention. :neutral_face: