Playoff bettting game

Because I need more degeneracy in my life…

This game is straight bets (unlike the EC survivor pool). You are given 100 GA bucks to start with, and each weekend you are required to bet at least half, and you can’t take offsetting positions. (The min bet is to keep it interesting in case somebody gets far ahead). Unless otherwise stated, payout is even money.

I will add options as games get fewer, so you will still have choices. The first week is just spreads, the conf finals week will be spreads plus Over/Under, and the Super Bowl will have half time bets maybe some prop bets if I find them.

For ease of modding, I ask you to track your own scores - when you place your bets put your starting balance at the top of the post followed by the bets. Then, after the weekend, I’ll put the results of the games, and ask you to quote your previous betting post and put a new total at the end.

Entries are due before the game being bet upon, and may be changed by posting a new set - last post gets used.

Lines for this coming weekend:

GBP -7.5 vs LAR
BUF -2.5 vs BAL
KCC -9.5 vs CLE
NOS -3.5 vs TBB

Sample posts for suggested format:

Beg Balance: 100

50 on Pit -3.5
50 on Balt -3.5

Ending balance: 0

Can’t quote prev post and have it show, but imagine it is here.
100 from Balt -3.5

Ending balance 100.

You can cheat and quote the previous post if you modify it.

If (when) you bet it all and lose it, do you get some token amount - say, 10 GA bucks - to try it again?

Asking for a friend, BTW.

Good to know, post edited, again.

Sorry for your friend, but as actuaries, we have to model the risk of ruin.

All 100 on the Chiefs

Beg Balance: 100

40 on Bal +2.5
40 on TBB +3.5

100 on Saints -3.5


Just a note… I’ll be posting the SB Prop Bet game again this year… although I’m going to have to start from scratch since I can’t get it back from the AORIP. Feel free to grab some from there.

Oh, yeah, I’m totally going to piggyback off that.

Beginning Balance: 100
I’ll put 20 each on:
GBP -7.5
BUF -2.5
CLE +9.5
TBB +3.5

Ending balance: 20

Beginning Balance: 100

25 on LAR +7.5
10 on BAL +2.5
25 on KCC -9.5
20 on NO -3.5

Ending Balance 20

Just remembered the format of the playoff betting game I ran the past few years. Unfortunately 10 days too late for it to be fun/relevant. Always next year.

Beg Balance 100

50 on GBP -7.5
20 on BAL +2.5
20 on CLE +9.5
10 on NOS -3.5

Remaining balance 0

Beginning 100
100 on GB -7.5
Remaining 0

New balance 200