Pizza fashion

Is it okay to wear socks with sandals if all you’re doing is picking up pizza? When my doorman calls me I gotta take the elevator downstairs, pick up the pizza and then go back upstairs. In these cases I often just slip on some sandals and then head down. It would seem silly to wear shoes with laces just to get pizza.

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I dont wear socks without shoes, so no socks just sitting at home, so sandals only and I’m more fashionable than CS

elevator? As in an apartment building? Sorry the pizza man comes up, I don’t go down.

They used to come up but it’s not allowed because of covid.

weird. They’re allowed to where I am. You can put instructions in ubereats and they usually listen (for buildings without a concierge).

Wear whatever you want whenever you want. You have my permission.


I might point and laugh at him, but that’s the risk he takes.

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On the one hand, socks with sandals is always weird no matter what, but on the other hand, wear whatever you want as long as you’re not indecent. You’re paying him for a service, doesn’t matter what he thinks about your feet (nor would it matter if you weren’t paying him, or in any other situation).

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what’s wrong with being indecent? you body shaming?

You can say this, but this is a new strange world filled with humans, and he’s just trying to fit in.

Who cares what they think?

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Do you have enough money to pay him??? :popcorn:

You haven’t got enough time to put on your Five Fingers?

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Who cares, if not leaving the building. Surprised you even put on sandals

cs does, as evidenced by the hundreds of questions.

When I lived in a high rise I had a pair of soled slippers for this purpose. I didn’t wear them in my unit, but if I needed to run to the lobby to get mail or a delivery then the slippers came out.

Socks with slippers is acceptable, IMO.

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Plus, unless you are some dirty hippie, sandals are meant for the beach only.

Why wear any sort of footwear?

On the elevator of a high rise with 100+ units? Eh, the floors can be pretty gross. Dogs pee on them, people track in all kinds of crap from outside, and if it’s rainy or snowy out they’ll be wet with dirty street water / melted slush.

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